Phoenix DUI Tips

If a person is convicted of driving under the influence of alcohol in Arizona, the individual is typically incarcerated for 10 days to 90 days, and the suspect will generally have to pay a minimum fine of $250. Our law firm provides a large number of DUI tips, and some of these include remaining silent, taking a test that evaluates the driver’s breath and speaking privately to an attorney. Our experts can also evaluate the police report, determine whether or not tests were performed correctly and analyze any recordings of the event.

Evaluating the Individual’s Condition

When officers suspect that a driver is intoxicated, the police officers will commonly use a Breathalyzer, which is a trademarked device. If a driver refuses to take the test, the suspect’s license may be suspended for 12 months. Lawyers that provide DUI tips have explained that a failure to complete the evaluation can prompt a judge to automatically convict the driver.

Some of the Benefits of Selecting an Attorney

Several analyses have shown that suspects who represent themselves are more likely to receive heavier penalties for driving under the influence of alcohol. When an individual waives the right to choose a defense attorney, the defendant may not notice mistakes that a police officer has made, and some guides that feature Phoenix DUI tips have indicated that suspects who represent themselves rarely force the officers to provide solid evidence during hearings.

Understanding a Defendant’s Rights

According to attorneys who offer DUI arrest tips, a driver should not attempt to plead his case after a police officer has made an arrest. Most squad cars in Arizona have small recorders, and an intoxicated suspect’s statements can be replayed during a hearing. Instead of conversing with a police officer, the driver should request the presence of a lawyer. Before calling the attorney, the suspect can indicate that the conversation should be private, and many reports that contain tips for people accused of DUI have shown that Arizona’s laws allow suspects to make unrecorded phone calls to attorneys.

Appearing in Court

The DUI Team’s experts have indicated that suspects should always attend each hearing, and if a defendant arrives late, the judge could issue a warrant for the individual’s arrest. According to several reports that offer tips for people accused of DUI, some judges are more likely to convict suspects who arrive late than those who enter the courtroom on time.

Receiving Phoenix DUI Tips and Evaluating Your Case

Each member of our law firm has managed more than 1,000 cases, and our experts have received excellent reviews from numerous organizations, such as the Better Business Bureau, Super Lawyers and the National Trial Lawyers. If you want to receive DUI arrest tips or request a free consultation, you should visit the DUI Team’s website or give us a call at (480)382-5562.