Phoenix DUI Lawyers

Phoenix DUI laws are very strict because people who drive under the influence increase their chances of harming or killing their passengers, themselves and other motorists. So if you have received a DUI then you need to contact one of our educated, experienced and knowledgeable Concord or Phoenix DUI lawyers. We’re always standing by to provide you with the legal representation that you deserve.

The Penalties: Reasons to Hire a Phoenix DUI Lawyer

Our Mesa and Phoenix DUI attorneys know exactly how a conviction can affect your life. Even a first conviction can result in jail time, loss of your license and significant fines. Sometimes an ignition interlock device may be installed in your car. Additionally, it is likely that you will be required to spend time taking classes about the dangers of intoxication while driving. Subsequent convictions have higher fines, longer incarceration periods and more extensive penalties.

A Well Educated DUI Lawyer In Phoenix

A DUI lawyer in Phoenix knows that the impact of your conviction extends beyond the penalties the court imposes. It may be difficult to obtain car insurance, and your rates will skyrocket. A DUI conviction can affect your ability to get hired or commute to your job. You will be reliant on public transportation or the goodwill of others. Therefore, you need goal-oriented Scottsdale or Phoenix DUI defense that is focused on preserving your rights.

Use a Specialized Attorney: DUI Lawyers in Phoenix CA

Many defendants charged with DUI make the mistake of representing themselves instead of hiring Phoenix DUI attorneys; others assume that they have no chance of fighting the charges and admit guilt. An experienced Phoenix DUI attorney knows the intricacies of DUI defense and may be able to protect your rights. Aggressively representing your rights is tricky, so it is important to choose Phoenix DUI defense attorneys who have a strong track record.

Our DUI lawyers in Phoenix CA specialize in criminal law and have decades of experience representing DUI defendants and trying cases. Your Phoenix DUI attorney will focus on defending your case by showing that the behavior at the time of your arrest was due to factors other then drugs or alcohol. If you took a breathalyzer test, your Phoenix DUI attorney will investigate whether the machine was properly maintained and used.

We’re The Go-To Phoenix DUI Lawyers

When you are defending a DUI charge, your life is stressful. Luckily, our law firm is always standing by to help alleviate some of that stress. Let the competent Tempe and Phoenix DUI lawyers at The DUI Team provide the DUI defense you deserve.