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The DUI Team is an experienced group of Tempe, Scottsdale and Phoenix DUI lawyers. If you have been arrested you may need to speak with and experienced Tempe DUI lawyer as soon as possible. Arizona residents want public officials to take drunk driving very seriously, and they do. That’s the reason that
Arizona has some of the harshest penalties for driving under the influence or DUI in the United States. Call our Tempe and Scottsdale DUI attorneys now for a no cost consultation and case evaluation at (480) 382-5562.

Tempe and Scottsdale DUI Lawyers

In the past, people from Tempe and Scottsdale who were arrested for DUI paid fines and lost their driving privileges for a little while. The reality is very different today, so it is more important than ever for those arrested for driving under the influence of alcohol or prescription drugs to contact a Tempe DUI lawyer right away.

The Penalties for DUI in Tempe and Scottsdale

If you are convicted of drunk driving or drug related DUI in Tempe or Scottsdale, you will suffer severe consequences even if this is your first offense. For example, first offenders receive a mandatory jail sentence that may be as short as one day or as long as 10 days. You may also be required to pay a
minimum $250 fine. You could lose your license for at least three months or as long as 360 days, and you will have to install the Interlock Ignition Device or IID in your vehicle before your license can be reinstated.

Tempe DUI lawyer Brian Sloan of The DUI Team has received Avvo’s Clients’ Choice Award for 2014, as a result of receiving five 5-star client reviews in 2014 in the areas of DUI and Drunk Driving Defense.
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Phoenix DUI lawyers at The DUI Team want to help keep people safe this Memorial Day weekend. There will be more patrol officers out on the roads across Arizona targeting impaired drivers this Memorial Day weekend and The DUI Team has the details.
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The DUI Team, and its founder, Attorney Brian Sloan, will be debuting the Limited-Edition Arizona DUI Team Comic at Table 2131 in Artist Alley, and will give away copies of the comic book, for free, all weekend long from May 28th-31st.
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Brian Sloan an experienced DUI defense attorney in Tempe and a Member of The DUI Team has been recognized by Martindale-Hubbell as being awarded the A/V Rating for Tempe DUI Lawyers, this is the highest rating for legal ability and ethics.
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Experienced Tempe DUI lawyer Brian Sloan from The DUI Team was recently recognized by The National Trial Lawyers as one of the Top 100 Trial Lawyers for 2015 for his work defending people charged with drunk driving or prescription related DUI charges.
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Tempe DUI Attorney from The DUI Team Brian D. Sloan recently contributed to the best-selling book available on Amazon.com titled, “A Cup of Coffee With 10 of the Top DUI Attorneys in the United States.”
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The DUI Team recommends hiring an experienced Tempe DUI lawyer after an arrest for the best chance of avoiding the most severe penalties. They have added new pages with useful Tips and common DUI myths.
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SuperLawyers.com is a highly respected rating and evaluation site geared toward helping consumers understand who the best lawyers are in their area. Brian D. Sloan of The DUI Team has recently been awarded the Rising Star title by SuperLawyers.com.
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People arrested for and accused of DUI in Tempe and the Greater Phoenix area can get a no cost consultation from The DUI Team to learn about their legal options. The defense lawyers at The DUI Team provide the case evaluation to explain reasonable expectations to potential clients.
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The DUI Team is pleased to announce the upcoming launch of their new website which will be focused on highlighting their Tempe DUI attorneys and providing informational resources for people seeking a DUI defense lawyer
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Why You Need A DUI Attorney

The best way to mitigate the above-listed consequences is to hire a DUI lawyer. A DUI defense team can approach your case from many different angles to demonstrate your innocence. You may believe that this situation is hopeless and that you might as well plead guilty to the charges, the DUI attorneys at The DUI Team are more familiar with the workings of the court than you are. It will be to your advantage to allow them to take control of this situation for you.

Build a Strong Tempe DUI Defense

Your DUI lawyer will thoroughly investigate your case to ensure that the arresting officer performed his or her duties properly. Sometimes, the breathalyzer is inaccurate. A knowledgeable Tempe and Scottsdale DUI defense team can determine if this is the case. If so, they may be able to have this
evidence thrown out. The result may be that your DUI lawyer will be able to have the charges reduced or even dismissed altogether.

Second or Third Alcohol Related DUI Offenses Are More Severe

Your most recent arrest for driving under the influence of alcohol or drug related DUI may be a second or third offense. The court will take a previous arrest on this same charge into consideration if it occurred within the last seven years. In this case, you will be susceptible to the most severe penalties.

When You Can Be Arrested for DUI in Tempe or Scottsdale

In Arizona, you can be charged with a DUI if the arresting officer determines that you had a blood alcohol concentration or BAC of at least .08 percent within two hours of operating a vehicle. People often believe that prescription drugs are different from illicit substances, but this is not the case. A law enforcement officer can charge someone with a prescription drug related DUI. If this has happened to you, you also need to hire and experienced DUI attorneys to represent you.

The Extreme DUI in Tempe or Scottsdale

Arizona has what is called the “Extreme DUI” law. A DUI offense is labeled as an Extreme DUI if the motorist was found to have a BAC equal to .15 percent or higher within two hours of operating the vehicle. The penalties for an Extreme DUI are even worse than the ones listed above for a regular DUI.

The DUI Team

The consequences of an arrest for DUI and Extreme DUI could disrupt your life in several ways, but there is a chance that you are not guilty of these charges. The experienced lawyers with the DUI Team are here to build an effective defense for you whether you have been arrested for drunk driving, illegal drug related DUI or a prescription drug related DUI. Call us for a no cost consultation with an experienced DUI lawyer in Tempe.